Hindenburg Narrator user handbook

Since July 2022, there is the Audio Production Manual for Hindenburg Narrator. I wrote the book in cooperation with the Hindenburg team after it became clear that quite a number of users felt a desire for a methodical explanation of the application’s rich functionality.

The handbook starts with a guided exercise that lets you create your first audio product using basic features and general steps. Subsequent chapters describe the application’s components in detail and explain how to use them effectively in conjunction. The chapter and topic order follows the audiobook production process. Content is visualized with numerous diagrams, step lists and summary tables. Several tips are included that help avoid errors and save time.

The book is published in the Netherlands by Van Duuren Media in English and in Dutch. Both versions refer to the English program interface. After payment is processed, you will receive the download link to the PDF document. Upon reception, you simply open it on your monitor screen beside or behind Hindenburg Narrator and have all information at hand.

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How to obtain a copy

For detailed information visit the publisher’s website. Make sure you select the language version of your choice.


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